4 Basketball Shooting Mistakes

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There are four very common mistakes that players make when looking to practice their jump shot and overall power generation when they release. These mistakes can easily be made when a player is trying to get better and stronger, and we’re here to help.

 #1 Palm Placement

When you have your palm on the ball, you don’t have full control over it. Because of this, you can’t release it properly and it creates a sloppy shot. With your palm on the ball, it also makes it much more difficult to create that perfect backspin.

So what’s the solution? Keep a gap between your hand and the ball. This allows you to fully release quickly with your hand down and create that backspin you’ve been working for. Once you’re there, the ball has a higher velocity, allowing it to go into the basket much faster.

#2 Hold Your Follow Through

 It’s a common mistake when a player doesn’t hold their follow though with their jump shots. Many players will shoot, and come right back down. This creates a huge issue because you’re not allowing your body to stay on balance and hold the ball. Interestingly, once a player releases the ball, they’re still creating the trajectory of the ball once it leaves their hand. This is why it’s important to hold your follow through to avoid issues in your jump shot.

#3 Foot Placement

Proper foot placement is key in all aspects of the game and if not done correctly, can be a common mistake. When it’s a drive-and-kick situation where the player is at the top, for example, and they kick to the corner ready to receive the ball- that could be a problem.

Why? because if a player’s feet are too close together, they’re not going to be able to go right by their opponent who is trying to close out on them. They’re also not going to be on balance right away to generate the power to go straight up and shoot the ball. That creates another huge issue. So remember to always have your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent; get the ball in that shooter’s pocket, then release.

#4 Power Trajectory

It’s always important to generate the right power when shooting a jump shot. Players have the tendency to catch the ball standing straight up, then bring the ball down low, release it over their head and shoot. Not good. First of all, you’re not in triple threat, and when you catch the ball you can’t make another move; secondly, you’re not generating the right power from the floor.

One of the biggest things we stress here at OC Rain is improving strength and agility from head to toe- so while it’s key to keep your feet shoulder-length apart, it’s also important to bend down, so as you catch the ball, you’re not generating power from your just your arms, you’re generating the power from the floor, starting from your legs, to the top of your head.

 Mistakes are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t control them. Apply these tips to your training and you’ll see for yourself how much you improve, and follow www.ocrainbasketball.com for more tips to gain confidence and improve your game!

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