5-Minute Dribbling Routine for Beginners

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Dribbling for Beginners

This five-minute workout is meant to improve your ball handling skills especially if you’re a beginner. Practicing these movements before warming up or working out will help improve your ball handling skills. Here are some ball handling drills for Irvine. 

Ball Wraps

Doing ball wraps is great for ball handling for beginners. Swiveling the ball around your waist helps keep you in control of the ball. Do this drill for 30 seconds in one direction, then 30 seconds the other way and you’ll start to see results.

Move on to ball wraps around each leg. These types of drills work on your hand-eye coordination and also help warm up your hands, making them a lot stronger so you can make more moves. Be sure to switch off legs for best results.

Figure 8 Drill

This drill works on hip mobility and hand-eye speed and coordination. The drill is another one that helps you keep control of the ball.

Single pound dribble

The single pound dribble warms your hands up and gets ball handling in motion.

It’s important to keep your arm bar up while scanning the floor and looking around to see where the players are.

Crossover/ side-to-side cross

Keep the ball close on one side of you, and start dribbling with one hand, going side-to-side. Keep the ball below your knee and make sure you’re in an athletic stance. This is another drill that will help your hand-eye coordination as well as your ability to control the ball under pressure. Don’t forget to switch hands!


This combo, double-double cross move keeps you alert and challenged. This drill helps you build speed when handling the ball, and helps you control the ball while you are not looking. It’s always important to keep your eyes on the players, and this drill helps with that. Try to push yourself to full speed for the best results!!  

And remember, when you mess up that’s actually a good thing because it puts you out of your comfort zone and will allow you to work on your handles.

Do this workout before you practice or play a game so can start improving your ball-handling skills and overall performance on the court!

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