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When little kids first start dribbling, many of them have a lot of trouble developing the proper skills and mechanics to dribble.

A majority of them try doing the hard NBA moves that they see Steph Curry doing, but they don’t know how to carry those over to the games, and more importantly they haven’t built a proper dribbling foundation.

In the video up above, I talk about what specific dribbling concepts a beginner would need to take into consideration when they are looking to develop good habits and a solid foundation.

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Here are 5 main principles that any player would want to integrate when you are doing dribbling drills.

  1. Perform a proper warm up – Warming up activates the nervous system and gets the body ready to train and practice good habits.
  2. Keep your eyes up – Being able to keep your eyes up while dribbling, helps you observe the floor and react to the players a lot more efficiently
  3. Practice your Rhythm – Be deceptive when you’re dribbling. The whole key is to keep the defender reacting to what you are doing, and trying to rhythmically move with the basketball will help that.
  4. Visualize a defender on you – When you visualize a defender on you it helps you read a react to the defender in the game that much easier, so visualize. #readandreact
  5. Do everything in intervals – Doing everything for 30 seconds time periods, allows you to do everything at game speed and trains your body for game like scenarios. For example, do the dribbling move for 30 seconds rest 10 seconds and then repeat the same cycle.

These are some training techniques that we offer here at OC Rain Basketball at our skills academies and practice. If you would like to join us at one of our training sessions – click here.

Prepare, Train, Evolve.

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