How to Master the Triple Threat

OC Rain Basketball | How to Master the Triple Threat

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The TRIPLE THREAT POSITION is a term that really gets the kid’s attention. They like how it sounds and it is fun to establish a position that makes you feel like a threat to the basket and the defense.

Too many times when youth players catch the basketball, the first thing they do is put it on the floor and dribble. This takes away the Triple Threat. The first thing all players should do when they receive the basketball is SQUARE to the basket and establish…

It’s good to explain to the kids that in this position, you can do 3 things – SO, that’s why we call it TRIPLE THREAT POSITION!

This is the Triple Threat Position:


Shooting a basketball is the most FUN thing to do in the game!

All kids love to shoot the ball. We teach all kids to be a THREAT TO SHOOT the ball as the first option out of Triple Threat Position. Many times in the game of basketball the kids are nervous and worried about what to do if they get the ball – TELL THEM TO SHOOT IT! – the team can’t score if you don’t shoot the ball, and even if they don’t make the shot, sometimes the best OFFENSE a team can have is to rebound a missed shot and score on a second or third shot attempt.

One of the most important facts to teach the kids when shooting a basketball is that the RIM is much BIGGER than the BALL. In fact, you can almost fit three basketballs inside of a rim.

So, when the player is shooting a basketball, they don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be close. The easier they THINK it is to make a basket, the easier it will be.


The skill of PASSING the basketball is important to teach at an early age in building a strong fundamental base. The correct way to hold the ball and deliver the pass is key.

The ball should always be passed with BACKSPIN or PRONATION. This makes the ball soft and tends to make the ball stop and rest easily in the receivers target.

We teach the kids to “GRAB THE BALL BY IT’S EARS” as shown in the picture below.

Out of TRIPLE THREAT POSITION, we “GRAB THE BALL BY IT’S EARS”, step to the target, extend both arms, and pass with


This creates a natural BACKSPIN on the ball and makes it easier to catch.

You should use both arms equally on the pass. Many kids have difficulty not using their dominate hand more than the other. Grabbing the ball by it’s ears helps the player use both arms and hands equally to get a natural backspin on the ball.

The RECEIVER should give the passer a target with a BACKSTOP on the outside ear. The outside ear from the basket is the best place for the receiver’s target because the ball is caught in a BODY-BODY-BALL position away from the defense.


Dribbling may be one of the most over used skills in the game of basketball. Many times you wonder if there will be any air left in the ball by the time the kids are done playing. Dribbling, however, is one of the easiest and most fun things to do as a youth basketball player. We all start out early trying to dribble a ball and it’s great when you can develop enough rhythm and timing to actually keep the ball bouncing.

The first skill we teach is CONTROL DRIBBLE

This is difficult to teach because the kids just naturally want to go somewhere right away with the basketball. Many times they don’t like the defensive pressure and immediatly dribble to get away from the defense. That’s OK for now, but as we build their fundamental foundation, we will show them how we turn that defensive pressure into a huge offensive ADVANTAGE, and beat that defender. First step though, is to teach the kids to square to the basket first, before they dribble the basketball.

There you have it. Come give OC Rain Basketball a try and we’ll share with you the best drills to master the triple threat.

– Joseph Martinez Co-Owner of OC Rain Basketball

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