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Performance training is designed to prepare the athlete for the physical demands of competition. Basketball specific training is very important to tapping into the full potential of the basketball player.

What exactly does it mean when coaches and sport scientists talk about training programs that "match the demands of sports"? They mean that training activities must closely simulate the specific nature of each athletic contest.

For example, training for basketball is very different from training for marathon running because what it takes to be great for each is very different.

Intermittent bursts of speed for basketball vs. long-term sustained running tap different energy sources. The benefits of physical training for athletes include: *less fatigue and quicker recovery, *reduced muscle soreness, *ability to practice longer, *fewer injuries and faster recover from them, and *greater confidence.

To best match these demands, programs can be built to target fitness components such as muscular strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance, and energy fitness. A well-devised sport-specific program also integrates motor (movement) efficiency to develop coordination--another performance-related component of fitness.

Strength and conditioning programs are developed by manipulating training variables, such as intensity (how hard), duration (how long), recovery (how much rest), volumes, tempo, and many others.

Periodized training regimens balance these variables in planned program over the desired length of time with the goal of peak performance when it counts. Strength-targeted training improves joint stability, increases muscle size, and contributes to power development.

Cardio-based programs develop: (a) more efficient use of oxygen, (b) improved use of fat for energy, (c) increased muscle size to exert greater force,(d) improved blood flow, (e) greater lung capacity, (f) increased size of the heart to pump more blood in one stroke, (g) better coordination, and (h) stronger bones, ligaments, and tendons to reduce injuries.

Here at OC Rain Basketball we offer basketball specific performance training. We work on basketball specific movements to really help the basketball player tap into their full potential.

For more information on our group training  or private performance training sessions. Please be sure to email or call 714.469.9254.

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Locations of Training

Momentous Training Facility

14522 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606

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Functional Sports Performance

2004 McGaw Ave, Irvine, CA 92614

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