Reduce risk of injury, Improve flexibility, Enhance recovery time, and train and play without pain.

Every player has experienced the harsh physical realities of a long season—fatigued legs, muscle strains, sluggish movement. However, these problems can be alleviated by focusing on soft tissue quality.

Listed below are a few benefits of implementing a soft tissue treatment regimen as part of your training program.

  • Correcting muscle imbalances → Greater resistance to injury
  • Increasing joint range of motion → Improved strength, force production and injury prevention
  • Decreasing muscle soreness → Faster recovery
  • Increasing neuromuscular function → Improved muscle activation, strength, explosion, speed, agility and quickness

Here at OC Rain Basketball we offer soft tissue maintenance treatment to all basketball players.

Here are some other benefits of soft tissue treatment.


Another benefit of soft tissue therapy is the improvement of circulation.  The improvement of circulation will enable the lifter to intake far more oxygen overall, result in in a more consistent breathing pattern, and aiding in natural and smooth movements.

As a result of heavy training (which usually causes microscopic damage to the fascial tissue and the muscle), consistent repairs need to be done. Repair is done by increasing blood flow, with the type of stroke and movement on the body, you are about to enhance the blood flow needed to repair damage.

It will also have a great impact on the lymphatic and blood circulation which will help the removal of waste from those area and support food and oxygen supply.


One of the things a lifter needs in order to achieve maximum performance is to exhibit a high level of flexibility. Soft tissue helps to actually stretch the muscle fiber, which helps to maintain and promote flexibility. Muscle tension is usually caused by high intensity training cycles and competitions which could lead to several effects; such as the disturbance of collagen scar tissue and also the development of several adhesions.

These adhesions could cause the fascia, muscle and other tissues to stick together causing lack of flexibility and a possible injury.

Pain reduction

Due to overwork or injury, you could experience muscular pain in the body.  Regardless your level of athlete, pain does not allow anyone to perform at their best.  However, with effective massage, you can deal with the pain quite easily.

Especially pertaining to pain which is the result of physical activity and heavy training by athletes, these pains can be greatly eased with consistent massages.

Improves Sleep and Decreased Tension

Soft tissue are also able to help your muscles relax, erasing tensions from your body, and promoting better quantity and quality of sleep. It helps to locate potential trouble spots in the body before they degenerate and it also helps to remove such micro-injuries. When it comes to sleep, there are two important aspects to consider: A quality sleep is not disturbed by tensions in body that lead to discomfort while you sleep. Discomforts such as back pains, or pain in your muscles can greatly effect quality sleep which will overall increase your time in the resting state. The second aspect of a good sleep is the quantity of the sleep.

Following a good soft tissue, tensions and micro injuries will be dealt with paving the way for quality sleep which will overall increase your time is resting state. As a result of vigorous exercise and other physical activities which could cause tiny muscle tears that lead to immune reaction, it is highly recommended that you have regular soft tissue.

It is truly worth investing in because it will help to maintain your bodily system functions at an optimal level. It is very essential for athletes and those who regularly use the gym and observe frequent workouts. It is also recommended for non-athletes who also have a very busy work schedule; as it will help you to relax and ease tension overall. Be sure to call 714.469.9254 or email

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