Elite Skills Academy 

Here at our Elite Skills Academy we focus on the 5 pillars of basketball success for ages 13 - 15 years old.

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Well you come to the right place. Here at OC Rain Basketball we have a highly trained staff that can help you improve as a basketball player no matter what skill level you are. In college and at the pro level you have a ton of players that want to train hard, and smart.

If you're one of those players then you want to start training with OC Rain Basketball. At OC Rain Basketball we've had the qualifications to take your staff to the next level. Whether you're in college looking to keep your scholarship or make it pro.

Here at OC Rain Basketball we can develop a custom tailored plan helping you take your athleticism and skills to the next level. Here is what we work on at the elite skills academy:

  • The athlete could have a horrible vertical leap
  • Constantly getting injured and not know how to stop or prevent the injury from reoccurring
  • The basketball player could not have the strength to hold his or her ground on the court

No matter what the athletes issues or weaknesses are, he'll be able to get the help he needs here at OC Rain Basketball.

In our elite skills academy we combine strength, skills, and agility all into one. Every player who signs up for the elite skills academy has to sign an initial registration fee and choose from a basic or pro package.

Initial registration fee which includes: 

  • Ball is Life Dynamic Tech T-shirt
  • Ball is Life Short 
  • Molten Basketball
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Locations of Class

Here at OC Rain Basketball we train at some of the top training facilities in Orange County which includes the Momentous Facility and Functional Sports Performance that is located in Irvine, California. The addresses are located down below.

Momentous Training Facility

14522 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606

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Functional Sports Performance

2004 McGaw Ave, Irvine, CA 92614

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Times of Training

For the times for the Elite Skills Academy make sure that you call 714.469.9254 or email ocrain593@gmail.com.

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