Shooting Guard Institute

Here at OC Rain we offer the Shooting Guard Institute where we help them develop into well developed shooting guards.

The Shooting Guard (abbreviated as SG, also known as The 2, The 2 Guard, and the Off-Guard) position has seen wide and varied approaches to it’s role.

Traditionally the Shooting Guard was a player who’s primarily role on the Offensive end was to score the ball, and little else.

In the Modern Game however, many Shooting Guards also engage in some Playmaking responsibilities for their team, often in place of, or in tandem with, the Point Guard. Player’s who perform this role are often dubbed “Combo-Guards” as they can play the role of both Shooting Guards and Point Guards.

Many Shooting Guards also play the Small Forward Position if necessary, a player who can do this is often referred to as a “Swingman”.

Shooting Guards are generally required to be able to score in almost any situation to be effective at the position, this includes being able to shoot the 3-Point Shot, Shoot from Mid-Range, Shoot Off-The-Dribble, Use Teammate’s Screens, Move Off-The-Ball and get Open, Catch the Ball and Shoot, Perform a Shot Fake, and Get to the Rim and Finish with a Layup or Dunk.

Many elite Shooting Guards are also able to score efficiently from the Low-Post, an area in which Shooting Guards do not traditionally play.

A Shooting Guard must also possess Good Ball-Handling skills in order to get to the rim or Create Separation for a shot in order to be effective, as well as often functioning as the team’s secondary Ball-Handler and Playmaker due to drawing a large amount of Defensive Attention.

Shooting guards are generally required to be good Free Throw Shooter’s also, due to the large number of shots most take, in order to deter the defense from fouling them whenever they shoot.

The styles of Shooting Guard play generally differ based on a player’s individual skills, a player who excels at getting to the rim for example would score most of their points off penetration and Free Throws, while a Shooting Guard who is an excellent mid-range Shooter would primarily score most of their points from Jump shots, particularly coming off Screens.

Some Shooting Guards are so vital to their team’s Offense that they are the team’s Primary Ball-Handler and Playmaker, relegating the Point Guard to the secondary Ball-Handler and Playmaker, this is usually due to the high-level of skill of the specific Shooting Guard in Point-Guard related skills.

Most Shooting Guards are taller than their Point Guard counterpart, though this is not always the case, some teams have a smaller player playing the Shooting Guard role on Offense, while Defending the opposing team’s Point Guard on defense, with the team’s Point Guard doing the opposite.

On Defense, the Shooting Guard’s role is similar to that of the Point Guard, where they defend the perimeter and attempt to make the opposing Shooting Guard’s job of scoring the ball as difficult as possible by forcing them into taking Low-Percentage Shots and Turning Over the ball.

Though this can vary depending on a team’s Defensive Strategy. Here at the guard institute we work on developing all aspects of the shooting guard.

Taking you through concentrated drills to help take your game to the next level as a shooting guard. Putting you in an uncomfortable situation and allowing you to improve all the facets that are necessary to becoming an elite shooting guard.

If you're interested in learn more about the shooting guard institute make sure that you email or call 714.469.9254.