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OC Rain Basketball offers consulting to youth basketball teams, high school teams, and college teams.

Here at OC Rain Basketball we have certain way that we develop basketball players that is extremely individualized to every player in our program. We don't take a cookie cutter approach, and with our highly qualified staff we have a ton of knowledge that we can offer any team that is looking to take your basketball team level. Here is the 5 step process to consulting a basketball team.

Step 1 - The Assessment Phase During the assessment process we assess every single basketball player on your team individually. The assessments that we make are nutritionally, athletically, and basketball skills wise.

Step 2 - The Master Plan Once we have developed an assessment process we develop and well drawn out individualized plan for each basketball player on your team.

This would include a nutrition, skills, and speed, strength, and agility protocol to help the athleticism and overall basketball development. If you're interested in our consulting price be sure to give us a call at 714.469.9254 or visit

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