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OC Rain basketball works with all levels of girls  to help develop them as a basketball player both athletically, skills wise, and in a team atmosphere.


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Welcome to OC Rain Basketball teams page. Voted one of the top basketball programs in Orange County. Here at OC Rain basketball we offer team.

No matter the child's skill level, we'll find a place for her to develop on one of our teams. We start our Youth Basketball Teams at 3rd grade and continue onto high-school. 

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OC Rain Basketball gives everyone the opportunity to play on one of our teams. No matter if your child has never played basketball before or if they have been playing basketball for years, and you want them to get professional teaching. We have a place for them in our program. You can sign up at anytime throughout the year.

All of our basketball practices and training takes place at Momentous Training Facility. 14522 Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 9260

All of our basketball specific speed, strength, and agility work takes place at Functional Sports Performance. 2004 Mcgaw. Ave. Irvine, Ca 92614 

Here are the steps to sign up.

Step 1 - See what time your team would practice.

Step 2 - Come to the team practice at Momentous training facility for an assessment. 

Step 3 - Email or call 949.385.3075 to let us know that you will be coming.

Step 4 - Sign up by clicking the "Click to Sign up" below. 

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To be part of OC Rain Basketball you'll need to pay 2 separate fees. A one-time fee for gear and uniforms. Another recurring monthly fee for tournaments and coaching. The team pricing will is below.

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Here at OC Rain Basketball we offer team basketball all year around.  This include seasonal placements Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

We offer the opportunity for anyone to play on our teams and receive professional coaching from our basketball specialists. We will place your daughter on a team where we feel that she will best succeed and develop the most.

Each of our teams are coached by highly professional and certified coaches that have gone through an extensive certification process.

It doesn't matter if your daughter has never played basketball before, we'll find a place for her to develop on one of our teams. 

If your son is just starting out with the game of basketball. Our basketball specialists highly recommend starting off in our Rookie, Novice, Pro, or Elite level skills academy and then getting onto one of our teams.

This will set them up for the best possible position to succeed and gain more confidence in there abilities.

Working on shooting, dribbling, passing, and the basic fundamentals of the basketball game.

After they have gone threw our skills academy progress themselves to a team. If you would like to know more about our skills academy. 

Visit for more information.

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