College Readiness


College Readiness

Drastically improve the chances of receiving an athletic basketball scholarship and double your athleticism in just 6 strategically planned months


Exposure to College Programs

Getting proper representation is extremely important when it comes to receiving a college scholarship. Included in the College Readiness Program is a professional player profile and website link that features the information below. This is a hub where a college coach can see everything about you in one place and see if they would want you to be part of their program. 

Professional Player Profiles Include:

•Height and weight•Vertical leap•Shuttle time
•Video Highlights•Images of the player•GPA •SAT score


Less than 1.5% of high school varsity players play in college
Less than 1% get scholarships

Basketball scholarships are SCARCE
Millions of players are competing to get selected for one of those limited spots.

Elite Basketball Skills Trainers, Nutritionists, Athleticism Enhancement Coaches, and Athleticism Recovery Specialists work together to multiply your odds of receiving an athletic basketball scholarship.

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